U.S. Tech Salaries Grow, but Not for Everyone (IEEE-USA's 2021 Salary Survey)

The median income for tech professionals hit US $154,443 in 2020, up from $148,500 in 2019. Adjusted to constant 2020 dollars, that’s about a 2.8 percent increase. These numbers exclude overtime, profit sharing, and side hustles. That’s particularly good news for engineers this year, considering that inflation-adjusted salaries were basically flat in 2019 compared with 2018.

This data—and some 60 more pages of detailed salary and job satisfaction statistics—comes from IEEE-USA’s 2021 Salary & Benefits survey. It focuses on professionals working in their area of technical competence (5466 of the respondents), and excludes overtime pay, profit sharing, and other supplemental earnings; when those are considered, the median income was $160,000.

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