The Sublime Developer Efficiency of Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView

I’ve spent the last month and change working on a little side project.

The interesting thing about this one is that it’s written completely in Elixir. This is a post about my experience doing so.

Elixir is a language that came out of the heyday of Ruby on Rails about a decade ago. It was originally billed as “Ruby on the Erlang VM”, trying to blend the best of both worlds. Spoiler, I believe it has largely succeeded.

It’s still got quite a bit of Ruby influence, but overall, it’s much more functional. You will see maps, filters and reduce’s all over your code base.

From the Erlang side of the family, you’ll see a lot. There’s no mutability. Variables cannot be changed, you can only create new ones from combining or transforming existing. Pattern Matching is everywhere and it’s still quite powerful. You can trivially call down to Erlang primitives whenever you need to.

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