The Origin of Robot Arm Programming Languages

So far my life has been rather extraordinary in that through great underserved luck1 I have been present at, or nearby to, many of the defining technological advances in computer science, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics, that now in 2021 are starting to dominate our world. I knew and rubbed shoulders2 with many of the greats, those who founded AI, robotics, and computer science, and the world wide web. My big regret nowadays is that often I have questions for those who have passed on, and I didn’t think to ask them any of these questions, even as I saw them and said hello to them on a daily basis.

This short blog post is about the origin of languages for describing tasks in automation, in particular for industrial robot arms. Three people who have passed away, but were key players were Doug Ross, Victor Scheinman, and Richard (Lou) Paul, not as well known as some other tech stars, but very influential in their fields. Here, I must rely not on questions to them that I should have asked in the past, but from personal recollections and online sources.

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