The Myths, Not So Myths, and Truths about Data Science

As a student, when I was starting to seriously consider Data Science (DS) as a career option, the first thing that came to mind was where I should start or even before that, what I should learn first! Like many others, I too started with an online course from John Hopkins University. The course introduced me to R for the first time. Then I started taking analytics courses offered at my university. Eventually, my learning path consists of in-person, and online university courses, and a whole bunch of personal projects. Also, I dabbled into Kaggle for a while. Why I didn’t do it more, that probably a discussion for another day but in short I found it difficult to get any tangible benefit out of Kaggle with the time I had in my hand. Gradually I grew interest in making predictive models useful to the users. I got introduced to the world of web applications!

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