SwiftUI online course

Developing Apps for iOS

I was looking for a good way to get into iOS app creation with Swift / SwiftUI. I found that Stanford actually had a course recently (Spring 2020) about this exact thing and that this course is open to the public. Here is the link for anyone else interested: https://cs193p.sites.stanford.edu


That looks good Ohm! Are you going to do it? Please let us know ho you get on if you do.

Have you done much Swift already? I definitely want to learn it!!

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I am currently on lecture 2 having just finished my homework :wink:

I have never done any iOS/Mac programming before.


Let us know how you get on please Ohm :slight_smile: - how long it took you, how easy you found it, how it could b better, what level of programming experience you think people need before doing it etc :smiley:

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The Stanford course is great but in the beginning it’s a bit slow because it’s created for students early in their studies.

I started the 100 days of SwiftUI but had to stop because I had to finish my book. But this is also very good:


How did you get on @ohm?

How about you @dasdom - did you get back to it?

I wonder if we should start a 100 days of Swift thread, or do the Stanford course on a 1 hour per day as per the 100 days of Swift? Both look good and I’m pretty sure there’s a few of us here who want to learn Swift :nerd_face:

I actually bought a Swift course on Udemy ages ago but never got around to it - and there seems to be another good one on there now (https://www.udemy.com/course/ios-13-app-development-bootcamp) tho no idea how it compares to the Stanford course of 100 days of Swift…

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Personally I would start with 100 days of SwiftUI. I think this is the most fun. Only if you need to, learn UIKit afterwards. If you want to make some apps, SwiftUI might be enough. If you want to get a job as an iOS developer, you need to learn UIKit. Without it, you won’t get a job.

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Thanks Dominik. I wonder if we should start a Swift study group here on Devtalk and do them both - as well as read yours and @Paradox927’s books (and maybe even some of the others like A Swift Kickstart, Second Edition (PragProg)).

I really want to do a mobile app :nerd_face: and I’m 99% sure I’d like to learn Swift over Flutter…

I did not finish. I just didn’t have the time for it. I might go back to it at some point.

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And if you really do decide to do that Swift study group, @AstonJ, I’m happy to say that we’ll be announcing three more titles for you to work through before the end of the year … but that’s all I can say about it for right now. :wink:


That’s awesome Dave - I can’t wait to see what you’ll be bringing out! :nerd_face:

That sounds cool! Looking forward what you publish!

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