Svelte learning resources

If you know of any good learning resources for Svelte please post them here :smiley:

Here’s some to get us started:

The official tutorial

It’s brilliant! Just spend 10 minutes with it and you’ll see why people are excited about Svelte :nerd_face:

Frontendmasters Svelte course

by the creator of Svelte

Egghead videos


Quite a few videos on YouTube…

This one looks the most recent:


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“Svelte and Sapper in Action” by Mark Volkmann is a good book.
There are also 10$ courses on Udemy:

  2. (sapper is not included here)
  3. Good introduction to Sapper course by Net Ninja

Nice find Mikhail. Sapper is their NodeJS framework right? We should probably put up a separate portal and thread for it :smiley:

Personally I am aiming to use Svelte with Phoenix :slight_smile:

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Yes, Sapper is Node js “app lvl” framework from Svelte’s creator. There is also an Elder.js (a static site generator, but can be also used as Sapper) Btw how easy is to jump into Phoenix(and Elixir) as a JS dev?


I would think anything is easier/nicer than JS? :laughing:

Seriously tho, I think you will be fine. We see quite a few people come to Elixir and Phoenix from JS, in fact only yesterday the founder of mentioned they moved over from Node :slight_smile:

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Yeah, JS is specific :sweat_smile:… although it has become much nicer to use in recent years :wink: how much Erlang does one need to know to be productive for Phoenix?


Not much to begin with :smiley:

When you start using Erlang libraries you will learn more of it - but the Erlang syntax is fairly easy to pick up (it’s just ‘different’ really).

Give it a go and see how you get on? Start a #community:journals and post your progress too! :nerd:

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Just watched Svelte Summit, forget what I said about Sapper, it is now officially “dead” and will be replaced by another Svelte framework. We can assume that it will be the same Sapper, only better.


Starts here I think Mikhail:

I’m not too sure what Sapper and this new framework is - a framework to make Svelte more like a frontend framework like Ember and Angular (so includes everything like a router, project structure etc) or a back end framework like Django or Rails tuned to work with Svelte? If the latter I would prefer they focus on Svelte itself tbh…

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I think Rich is going in to right direction.

I see that Svelte will be more like Vue, that is, there will be an “official” way to create an app that will include router, SSR, etc, as well as a separate Svelte module as just a UI framework.

Therefore, if you want to use Svelte + Phoenix, then probably it will not differ in any way from what is already there.


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