Ruby on Rails book recommendations please

Hello and happy new year!

I would like to buy a Ruby On Rails ebook for learning purpose.

What would be the ROR equivalent of “Programming Phoenix” by Chris McCord, Bruce Tate and José Valim?

I found that book really helpful when working on various web applications in Elixir.

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Happy New Year to you too @Kurisu!

This is a bit old now but still worth a look:

And as far as what’s the equivalent to Programming Phoenix… it is :nerd:

Rails should feel relatively familiar to you if you know Rails, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy learning it! If you don’t already know Ruby, I recommend learning that first (see my blog post for recommendations) as it will make things a lot easier for you and Ruby is just so easy to learn anyway.

Keep us posted on how you get on - perhaps via a #community:journals :blush:


Hey @AstonJ!

Thank you for all these recommendations and links. I look forward to using them.

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I’m not sure what’s the equivalent per se, but the usual Rails tutorial is Michael Hartl’s “The Ruby On Rails Tutorial”, at Not sure what the latest deal is, but it used to be that you could read the previous edition online for free, and before that it was the current edition.


I enjoyed those 2 books…

The Rails Way, by Obie Fernandez


Agile Web development with Rails 6, by Sam Ruby, David Copeland and Dave Thomas :slight_smile:


Rails is gaining momentum in the market after the release of Ruby 3, so it’s a very good decision to polish your Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills.

If you are a beginner, and you like learning from videos, I’ll recommend two resources, choose one of them.

  1. Watch Ruby and Ruby on Rails courses by Pragmatic Studio. In the pro bundle you get Ruby, Ruby Blocks and Rails 6 courses for $299, which will become $239 with coupon code. I think you’ll also get the Rails I and Rails II (for Rails 5) courses free with Rails 6, but please ask them first what to do to get those courses free with this bundle.
    It looks expensive, but they are 2 of the best trainers. In a very short time you will be productive.

  2. Ruby and Ruby on Rails courrses at by Kevin Skoglund. Kevin is one of the best tech trainers. If you are a dedicated learner, you can learn both Ruby and Rails very quickly from his courses. You can get one month trial on LinkedIn-Learning and see if you like those course.


I am a bit rusty on Rails. It tooks me some time to rebuild a dev environment, after spending some years with Elixir… but I have a shiny ruby 3, rails 6.1 new installation.

Time to see what Ruby 3 brings to concurrency :slight_smile:


For anyone else interested in doing this this might help: