Programming WebRTC: typos [Solved]

Hi Karl!

Thanks for this very informative, timely and well-written book. I’m really looking forward to the completed first edition. Here are some more typos I found in CSV format from version: B1.0 (September 8, 2021). I hope it’s OK I shoved them all in this one post.

The page numbers don’t really mean anything because I noticed that Apple’s reshuffles them every time you resize the window. They should be pretty easy to find using search though.

page; typo; suggestion
102; “writing rignt now”; “writing right now”
125; “there will be.)”; “there will be).”
135; “getTracks[0]”; “getTracks()[0]”
153; “opt do”; “opt to do”
201; “two feature”; “two features”
206; “is to create class”; “is to create a class”
216; “handleConnecionStateChange()”; “handleRtcConnectionStateChange()”
206; “coupled with 100vh on the means”; “coupled with 100vh for the height means”
207; “Because interface”; “Because the interface”
237; “before before”; “before”
261; “that that works”; “that it works”
262; “they congratulate you”; “they’ll congratulate you”
264; “relied on last chapter”; “relied on in the last chapter”
252; “Inside the function appendMessage() function”; “Inside the appendMessage() function”
252; “to render actually the image”; “to actually render the image”
259; “We could something like”; “We could do something like”
270; “data itself gets push”; “data itself gets pushed”
271; “To wire the receiving logic up”; “To wire up the receiving logic”

Thanks again, @filipp! Just finished entering all of these fixes, which will be a part of the next beta.

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