Programming Ruby 3.2 (5th Edition): B1.0 page 273-4, missing dot + s.executables


page 273, paragraph 4, first line : missing dot

We pull the version string from the file inside the gem iteself The version string is significant,
                                                        -----> ^

+++++ same paragraph, last line : missing dot

to run with
    -----> ^

+++++ paragraph 6, first line : s.executables instead of spec.executables

The s.executables line tells RubyGems where to look for command-line scripts to get mixed
    ^ <----- spec

+++++ page 274 bottom, paragraph after Serving Public RubyGems, last line : missing dot

not actually going to do that here, but the command is gem push
                                                        -----> ^

All fixed. Thanks!