Programming Ruby 3.2 (5th Edition): B1.0 page 245, not the same output


page 245, last paragraph : for me, executing rake doesn’t display the directory :

% rake delete_unix_backups
rm env.rb~ pig.rb~

In case this behaviour has changed, the first paragraph on page 246 should be adapted :

The first line shows us the name of the directory where Rake found the Rakefile (remember


% rake --version
rake, version 13.0.3

+++++ see also page 248 :

$ rake -T
(in /Users/dave/BS2/titles/ruby4/Book/code/rake)

Does a recent version of Rake display the directory ?

% rake -T
*** in Rakefile 19:57:24 ***
rake delete_unix_backups # Remove files whose names end with a tilde

That must have changed (the ruby4 in the directory is a sign that it’s a holdover) running it now, I don’t get any output.