Programming Phoenix LiveView: `pento/pento_web/live/index.html.` missing `heex` (page 95) B7

Hi again, again!

The bottom of page 95 states:

The job of the pento/pento_web/live/index.html. template is

I believe the filename/path is missing the .heex extension. Instead, it should be:

The job of the pento/pento_web/live/index.html.heex template is

The paragraph directly above it references the correct filename/path:

and render the template that matches the name
of the LiveView file, pento/pento_web/live/index.html.heex.

Thanks :smiley:

Edit and side question: should I be creating individual threads and submitting them for minor typos I notice along the way (of course if someone else hasn’t already)?
E.g. on page 96:

Take a look at the block of text follow the <%= for product <- @products do %>

Should be

Take a look at the block of text following the <%= for product <- @products do %>

Thanks for pointing both of these out! Re: your question–I somewhat prefer the separate post approach, because it helps me see how many edits I need to review at a glance :slight_smile: