Preview, the Mac app people forget about

Preview is that stand-alone program that comes with all Macs and one you probably don’t pay too much attention to. That’s understandable, it often feels just part of the operating system and not an application in its own right, but it is, and other than being a great viewing application for photos and PDFs, it comes with some nifty tools that I find myself using all the time and I thought I would share those with you.

Here they are:

  1. Resizing images to a specific file size
  2. Inverting Icons
  3. Removing the background from an image
  4. Rearranging pages in a PDF
  5. Creating a new PDF from an existing one
  6. Merging pages from one PDF to another
  7. Signing PDFs
  8. Removing Geolocation meta info from a photo
  9. Creating an Image from the Clipboard
  10. Accessing App icons

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