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Today on Medium, Miki Tebeka has some sage advice for programmers: don’t complect your schemas.

You get a word of the day and a tip about keeping your layers separate.

Miki’s books:

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Noel Rappin’s Ruby-centric author spotlight goes live today.

Mention on Medium:

Actual spotlight: Spotlight: Noel Rappin (Author)

Noel’s books:

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3 posts were split to a new topic: Currently Away: Bruce and Maggie wrote about their adventure

Fun Sidekiq article today from @davetron5000 Dave Copeland that features a fix to a problem that Joe Sondow was having with his bots:

Dave’s book:

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Happy New Year!

Today on Medium, an article about the first day of our new year’s resolution sale:

You can save 42 percent on featured ebooks with promo code ny2024 now through January 10, 2024,

Note that The Pragmatic Programmer is not included in the sale as we don’t publish it.

Wondering about the gerbil? The story goes that when Dave and Andy first started The Pragmatic Bookshelf, there was a 30 second or so delay between when you checked out and when the link to the ebook would arrive in your email inbox. Instead of explaining the technical reasons behind the delay, they decided to take a light-hearted approach, telling shoppers to stay tuned while the gerbils behind the scenes personalized the book. Now you know! You’re welcome. :grin:

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Resolution two from PragProg is to improve your surroundings with some home automation projects.

You can save 42 percent on featured ebooks with promo code ny2024 now through January 10, 2024,


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Resolutions three, four, and five happened over the weekend. Six and seven debut today.

7). Resolve to Have Fun

6). Resolve to Learn a New Programming Language

5). Resolve to Streamline Your Work

4). Resolve to Listen and Learn

3). Resolve to Try New Things

Use promo code ny2024 to save 42% on ebooks through January 10, 2024. The Pragmatic Programmer is not included in the sale as we don’t publish it.

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Pragmatic resolutions 8 and 9: Review Fundamentals and Explore New Ideas.

Code ny2024 will save you 42% at checkout on pragprog ebooks now thru Jan 10. Excludes The Pragmatic Programmer, which we don’t publish.

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Pragmatic resolution 10–seek inspiration.

Today is the last day to save 42% on ebooks from The Pragmatic Bookshelf with code ny2024. Excludes The Pragmatic Programmer, which we don’t publish.

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Today on Medium, advocating for A/B testing by Leemay Nassery @leemay.

Leemay’s book:

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Try a challenging wordoku puzzle today on Medium.

Books for folks who like puzzles:

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Today on Medium, a call for authors.

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Wondering what writing a book is like from an author’s perspective? Check out our Author Spotlights on DevTalk, where our authors talk about their journeys with The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Well worth checking out everyone - there are some gems in there! :023:

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Today on Medium, I am highlighting Pragmatic Answers – our 50 page, quick-to-read books for busy programmers.

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Yesterday on Medium, an announcement about our books no longer being available on Medium to read online.

Today, an announcement about Your Code as a Crime Scene, Second Edition by Adam Tornhill, now out of beta and fully released. The print edition will be available for purchase at stores like in about a month.


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Today on Medium, an announcement about a new distribution title from PragProg, GraphQL for Rails Developers by Ryan Bigg.

Congrats, Ryan!

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It’s finally here! The ebook version of Charged Bodies by Tom Mahon is now available.

Charged Bodies has been a labor of love. I ripped apart the original 1983 hardcover book, scanned each page, reassembled the scanned pages into chapters, ran optical character recognition on the PDF pages, and finally ferreted out most of the weird errors introduced by the OCR process. I also did other odd tasks like chasing down rights and writing copy.

But honestly, the author, Tom Mahon, was my inspiration. He raises the bar of what it means to tell a story. Tom crafted a mesmerizing narrative that puts you right in the fray, working 14-hour days, laughing, having drinks, and pirating around with all the wild and wonderful people who shaped our digital future.

This book also owes a debt of gratitude to Michael Swaine, our Pragmatic Stories Series Editor, who found it and helped bring it back into the light. We also were fortunate enough to have a dozen or so people read and endorse this anniversary edition. Vint Cerf is among those who thinks it is a worthwhile read (I know him from my Wiley days going way back).

The print book will be out later this year, but I encourage you to pick up the ebook now.

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A new book by Dmitry Zinoviev🇺🇦 in beta today:

Beta announcement article:

I’ve been eager to see this book come out! Learn about some amazing “dead” languages and what they teach us about modern programming languages.

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Today on Medium, I am celebrating PragProg books in beta

All beta books:

What topics would you like to see The Pragmatic Programmers cover next? Please leave a comment.

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Ed Burnette’s second article in a series about your inner zombie.

Read how channeling your zombie powers can help you become more productive.

Ed’s book with The Pragmatic Bookshelf is Hello Android.

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