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Have fun and learn a little something about network science as you model the UEFA Euro 2020 championship in Python and then (in part II) simulate it. Dmitry Zinoviev (@aqsaqal) is your guide in this Medium article:

You will also find a promo code for all three of his books, Complex Network Analysis in Python, Data Science Essentials in Python, and Resourceful Code Reuse.


Ken Kousen’s third article on ways to improve your working relationship with your manager is called “Why Your Manager Is So Bad,” which sounds pretty hopeless. But don’t despair, Ken @kenkousen gives you practical advice for building a constructive loyalty relationship:

Get the beta version of his book, Help Your Boss Help You for practical advice on how to make the complex relationship of manager/employee work.


The next article up is from our Spotlight author, @SophieDeBenedetto, and is part II of her article on technical writing:

:notes: Stay tuned next week for an article from Sophie on Phoenix Liveview navigation methods.

Be sure to check out her book with Bruce Tate:


Here’s the article all you Elixir folks have been waiting for from Sophie DeBenedetto (@SophieDeBenedetto):

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Today, we have an article from Johanna Rothman (@jrothman) that talks about the benefits of one-on-one meetings between managers and their employees and how they should be conducted:

You will also find a coupon code for her books, which you can’t count on two hands anymore!


Dmitry Zinoviev (@aqsaqal) has a doubleheader today. His new book, Pythonic Programming, is out in beta and he has a new article on Medium.

Okay, wrong sports metaphor since his Medium article is part II of the UEFA 2020 soccer article. :soccer:

In this part, Dmitry tackles modeling the data with Python:

You’ll also find a promo code that is good for all 4 of Dmitry’s books at the bottom of the article.

Check out the PragProg Newsletter announcement about the beta of Pythonic Programming too.


Explore Hotwire with Noel Rappin (@noelrappin) in this Medium article:

As described on the Github page:

Hotwire is an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire. This makes for fast first-load pages, keeps template rendering on the server, and allows for a simpler, more productive development experience in any programming language, without sacrificing any of the speed or responsiveness associated with a traditional single-page application.

Be sure to check out Noel’s book on Web Development with Rails:

Modern Front-End Development for Rails

While he was waiting for the publishing wheels to turn on the Rails book, Noel wrote another book for The Pragmatic Bookshelf about Tailwind:

Modern CSS with Tailwind


We all want to do well. Starting from a young age, when we first sit in the classroom, and then later at work, we try to figure out what it takes to succeed. In this article, Ken Kousen @kenkousen talks about how the Game of School differs from the Game of Business:

Check out his book, Help Your Boss Help You for practical advice on how to make the complex relationship of manager/employee work. The book will be available in print later this month, so if you prefer a physical copy, please support your local independent bookstore and ask them to order it for you.

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I’m tickled and thrilled to bring you another article today. Perfect reading for a Friday afternoon:

This article is from our own beloved editor, Michael Swaine. For those young folks out there, Mike was in the thick of things in Silicon Valley when all this tech stuff got started and co-wrote the seminal book on computer history Fire in the Valley:

Mike (@michaelswaine) was also Editor-in-Chief for the infamous Dr. Dobbs magazine and has been helping authors craft books for The Pragmatic Bookshelf since 2010. His talents are many, but boy can he tell a story!


Today on Medium from The Pragmatic Programmers and Mark Kilby (@markkilby), part 3 of a series of articles on remote work. Mark covers what happened in 2020 and what the future of remote work might include:

Save on his book too using the promo code included with the article:


Test your knowledge of structures in Rust and how the compiler handles them in this article by Herbert Wolverson (@herbert):

Herbert is the author of Hands-on Rust, from The Pragmatic Bookshelf:


Here’s a cool Python project from Mike Riley (@mriley):

Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with Raspberry Pi and Python. Find more projects in Mike’s book from The Pragmatic Bookshelf:


In this article, Staffan Nöteberg (@staffannoteberg ) asks, “What is different about these two bikes?” The answer leads you to think about additive versus subtractive solutions and how each affects productivity.

Take back your day and your focus while increasing productivity with Pomodoro Technique Illustrated by Staffan Nöteberg:

The article contains a promo code for savings on Staffan’s book.


Getting along with your boss can be hard. What can you learn from the Prisoner’s Dilemma, where two suspects must decide whether to have each other’s back or turn on each other? @KenKousen explores this strategy in his Medium article:

Want to know more? Pick up Ken’s book, Help Your Boss Help You, for practical advice on how to make the complex relationship of manager/employee work. Learn how to convert conflicts into opportunities. You’ll find a promo code in Ken’s Medium article for this great book:

Now in print. Order the print version of Help Your Boss Help You by Ken Kousen from your local independent bookstore.


@michaelswaine explores the culture of tech by shining a light on Ted Nelson. Way back in 1974, Nelson insisted that everyone must “understand computers NOW” and he couldn’t have been more right. This article looks back at a seminal work, a unique mind, and worldview that was decades ahead of its time.

Want to explore more of the tech revolution excitement? Pick up Michael’s book, Fire in the Valley, to read about that motley collection of college dropouts, hippies, and electronics fanatics engaged in launching an industry.

Save on Fire in the Valley by Michael Swaine and Paul Freiberger by using the promo from Michael’s medium article!

Now in print. Order the print version of Fire in the Valley by @michaelswaine and Paul Freiberger from your local independent bookstore.


I’ve started reading Fire in the Valley (as if I need another book to read). Seriously, anyone who uses a computer should read Mike’s articles and his book. Mike is such a great storyteller. I bet he could make my life sound interesting! :laughing:


Mike Amundsen (@mamund) switches API development paradigms from “what can this code do” to “what does the user need and how do they use this”. Story-driven API design places user requirements in the driver’s seat.

Mike’s book, Design and Build Great WebAPIs explores API-First principles, API mocking, and more. You’ll find a promo in the article to help save you some money when you purchase.

Now in print. Order the print version of Design and Build Great WebAPIs by Mike Amundsen from your local independent bookstore.


We love Rust and we love this hands-on bonus content from Herbert Wolverson (@herbert) from Hands-on Rust. Herbert’s article today shows you how to extend a game featured in his book, adding flapping wings to a dragon sprite and applying gravity to the animation:

His example builds on and walks through sample code from Hands-on Rust and the article contains a limited time promo code so you can snap up your own copy of this book:

Now in print. Order the print version of Hands-on Rust by Herbert Wolverson from your local independent bookstore.


As the world heads back to work, the window of “normal” has shifted. Today, Johanna Rothman (@jrothman) rants (slightly) about what “back” actually means. From remote work to a perceived talent shortage to micromanagement, Johanna shares her thoughts on how the workplace has evolved during the pandemic:

Dive into Johanna’s books for an extensive look into practical productivity and teamwork:

Order the print version of her books from your local independent bookstore.


How do you work for an anxious manager? You might not be able to control their fears but you can adjust the way you interact, reducing micromanagement’s impact on your work day. Explore successful strategies in this Medium post:

Explore more lessons in hacking your Boss for a better business experience in Help Your Boss Help You by Ken Kousen (@kenkousen). It’s available now and there’s a discount promo code at the end of the Medium article

Help Your Boss Help You is now in print and available at all the typical booksellers.