Pragmatic Studio Birthday and PragProg EBF 40% off sales

Happy Birthday to the @PragmaticStudio they’re 16 years old! :partying_face:

The @PragmaticBookshelf are also running an early Black Friday Sale with 40% off

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Love the work of Pragmatic Studio! The Elixir OTP course from Mike and Nicole is still one of the best out there. I’ve even not finished the LiveView one :smile:


I’m watching it now, it’s really good :slight_smile:
Thinking to get the LiveView course too


I will look forward to hearing what you both like about it/them!! I really can’t wait to get back into learning :icon_cry:

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What’s going on?

The difficulty is incremental, well dosed. We go from a simple HTTP server, run some Erlang to create the start/loop pattern, use spawn and then Task. At the end of the day we use OTP without noticing. That’s great!


Just been so busy on these sites - devtalk, porting it’s portal system to two other sites (so essentially re-launching them) now Erlang Forums. Believe it or not there’s lots of behind the scenes stuff that takes up so much take too - I seem to spend 80 to 90% of my time writing emails, announcements, guides, posts, answering questions, dealing with feedback etc :lol:

Currently working on arranging next years giveaways - hopefully come Jan/Feb I should be able to get back into it all :003:

Unless some other project crops up :044:


Each video is ~10 minutes, which makes it easy to watch a part whenever I have time.
Every part itself is explained very well and easy to understand, but put together it’s an application one woldn’t consider as easy when heared first.
And: I can speed up the videos x 1.25 which is just fine for me :smiley:


I believe it :smile:

haha, any rumour!?

I hope you’ll get more time then. Keep up this very good job :smiley: