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Figured this would be a cool topic and maybe provide some inspiration for those who are just starting to work from home. Feel free to share your remote and/ or office setups here!

Side Note: My twins needed a playroom, so I gave up my office and built a nook next to our fireplace. It’s definitely a lot smaller than what I’m use to, but it’s been really nice having a window/view. Also not having toys scattered across our house has helped with my sanity. :joy:


I permanently working from home but recently moved and my office room is still under construction (with huge delays due to the virus). Right now, I am chilling on the couch and do the work from there.

As soon as my office is done, I gonna post some pics.


Here’s my battlestation, with my assistants. My company-issued laptop is usually on my desk as well, but I had just finished putting everything back after putting up that shelf.


Here’s mine…

And the other side…


I just renovated one room (removed the 40 years old carpet, made a new floor, and painted everything). Due to the pandemic I’m working 100% remote again at the moment, so now I have a nice space for that :slight_smile:


Looks good @Rainer - nice and fresh :nerd_face:

What size is your desk? I think I need a new top for mine as I’m finding it a little small now (it’s 140cm x 70cm) think I’d be happy with one that is 2m wide.

I just ordered a monitor arm as well as the base of my monitor stand is quite big. I ordered this one as I’m hoping the Apple Pro Display becomes more affordable soon or they bring out a cheaper model.

Love how your cats have overtaken your space @asgartech :laughing: and good on you for making room for the twins @justinjunodev… tho I don’t think I could cope with a desk that small myself - I usually have a million and one things on my desk! :rofl:

How did you get on with yours @Phillipp?

I was using a shelf as a standing desk for the last few years. I finally decided to purchase an actual standing desk. Got a new monitor as well, as I was just using my 13inch laptop screen. Very nice improvement. My neck and shoulders thank me!

Also I really recommend the lights as the color change often changes the feel of the room. Very nice when you’re in a room 8-10 hours a day.


Wow that looks awesome @foxtrottwist! What’s to the left of your AirPods and how big (or what) desk is it? It looks really nice! I’ve been holding off getting a new top for my desk, but feeling inspired now!! :blush:

It’s 48 x 30 Fully Jarvis Crank-Powered Standing Desk. I went with crank instead of electric since I rarely sit.

I purchased this stool along with the desk. Great taking a quick load off my feet. And you can keep in motion as well.

The AirPods are sitting on top of a desk organizer. To the left is another organizer bin that is currently full of keyboard switches and key caps and a few usb flash drives. I think I have a microfiber cloth shoved in there too :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks really nice @foxtrottwist! I want to get a solid wood top for my desk and was thinking about a 2M x 960cm top, but 960cm is a tiny bit too big really 850cm would be ideal.

Ben Greenfield actually advises people go with crank shaft desks because of dirty electricity, same with treadmills - go electric-free. I think I would miss the presets tho…

Ah thanks! I have an inquisitive mind and wondered what it was :upside_down_face:

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It’s 160x80cm. 140 is indeed a little small. 160 is just nice for me, more would take up too much space in the small room.

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That’s a nice size Rainer - I think I’d struggle if I just had this desk, but I’ve ‘extended’ it :rofl:

To the right hand side I have a pine wood shelf unit and because the middle shelf is the same height as the desk in my sitting position, it gives me an extra 35cm (I use it for bits and bobs and my stationary tray (pens/pencils/markers, rulers, tape measure etc). The good thing is the second shelf lines up for my standing position, which again makes the desk feel wider than it is. On the left hand side of the desk I have a cabinet which gives me a further 60cm and this is where I have my amplifier and where my MPB also lives (in clamshell mode).

I also use a space hack - basically have my desk a few centimetres away from the wall, so things like my speakers and notebooks/files can partially hang off the end. The depth of the desk is actually 72cm but with this it makes it more like 76 ish.

I have also just today carried out one more hack which has given me even more room… installed a monitor arm! Why on earth didn’t I do this before!!! I love it!! I can now easily move the monitor back and fore/up n down or even rotate in portrait mode…

Having said that, I would still like to get a 2M wide solid wood desktop, ideally at around 80cm depth but they only seem to come in 62, 72, or 96.

Wow, is that a desktop 16:10 display or are my eyes lying?

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The LG5K has an 16:9 aspect ratio :nerd_face:

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