Planck vs Preonic vs Subatomic (Keyboards)

What is the auto-shift feature? :see_no_evil: :rofl: I haven’t had a look at Oryx yet so hope to discover all that soon.

Will you be sticking to qwerty btw? Or trying a different layout?

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They have a video, which is also accessible in the Advanced Settings, watch it:

Nah, I’ll stick to qwerty. I’m quite comfortable with it, and I see no reason to change.

I’d definitely make one change in the layout though: swap the Enter key with the quotes key. I’m used to the Enter key being right underneath Backspace :laughing:


The prototype was posted in 2018 but zilch after that, so vapourware or not idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Nice find :+1:

Looks neat, I’d use the top row for medal controls (audio controls, display brightness etc). Not sure what I’d use the two middle rows for - I need to look into what can be done with those dials!


What can you actually use them for?

Well, a rotary encoder twists clockwise and counter clockwise. It lends itself to actions that you’d otherwise need to repeatedly press a button for, and to actions that have both a forward and a reverse direction. For example:

  • Audio control, to turn the volume up or down;
  • Scrolling, to scroll up or down a page or document with Page Up and Page Down;
  • Tabbing, to go to the previous or next browser tab with for example Control Tab and Control Shift Tab;
  • Window movement, to go to the previous or next window with Alt Tab and Alt Shift Tab;
  • History scrubbing, to perform undo and redo;
  • Scrolling horizontally by word, with Control Arrow Left and Control Arrow Right (if you hold down shift while turning the encoder, you can select words too!);
  • Scrolling through search results, with Find Next and Find Previous when you map the encoder actions to your text editor’s shortcuts.

Of course, you can program them to do anything. I’ve seen people program common text snippets so you can enter text with the simple turn of the encoder.


Ah thanks - that looks very cool!

No idea if this is real but…


Seriously tho, Dusty’s article (posted here) is worth a read, here’s an excerpt:

So here we are, on a layout that—no matter how you look at it—was not designed for the modern computer typist. Should we try to fix it? What would be some possible advantages? Here is a partial list:

  • typing speed
  • avoiding repetitive strain (RSI)
  • ergonomics
  • typing comfort and enjoyment
  • efficient processes feel better than inefficient ones, even when the end result is the same—they improve our emotional well-being and quality of life

Haha… I’m sure your customisations won’t stop there :rofl:

Thanks Smithy!

I quite like the look of where one is place in the keyboard in this post. I wonder if PlanckEZ’s can make use of them actually…


I have both the Preonic and the Planck. Between the 2, I prefer the Preonic mostly because I didn’t want to access my numbers with a layer (that was just personal preference). I bought the Preonic with a polycarbonate case which was not available with the Planck. I would recommend a super quiet switch like Bobas U4s due to how load the plank case is:

I’m more partial to split boards since I find them far more comfortable, so neither one of my one piece boards will be my daily drivers.


I almost went for the Preonic, but to use the top row for media controls (think I would prefer the numbers on a layer in traditional num-pad form) however I went for the Planck in the end as I got the feeling that having that additional row might get in the way of touch typing because by not having it you are forced to use just those 3 / 4 rows.

I also get the feeling that the Preonic may soon be replaced by the Subatomic, as Drop only has a few different case options now (not sure if that’s a good indication or not tho!).

Which keycaps have you got on these keyboards Lee? I will take a look at those switches too :smiley:


I ended up putting on some caps that I use while I wait for group buys of custom caps to be delivered. I have VileBloom on my Preonic and just some random G20 keycaps on my Planck that I got off

Neither are one of my favorite profile, I just have them because they were accessible while I wait for group buys.


I have to say that having limited rows not only really help me improve my typing but also allowed me to fully explore how useful layers can be. And even though I have a Moonlander now, I still use the layout that I used for my Atreus. I use the extra keys on the Moonlander for launching app, app shortcuts, system settings and macros. Plus this allows me to use the Atreus as the keyboard I use when commuting (to my living room :wink:).


Oo exciting! Which custom caps have you ordered Lee?

They look nice! Also on the same website these look stunning:

But in a video here, they look awful!

The reviewer hates them as well :rofl:

That’s good to know Law, I really can’t wait for my Planck to arrive now!

I am thinking about getting a Macropad for this as I’m under impression it will be important to be able to feel the end of the last row in getting your orientation etc (I mean for getting the Planck instead of the Preonic which has an additional row at the top). Do you think that makes sense?


My favorite profiles are MT3 and KAT. I would like SA but I really don’t like the ABS plastic feels when the fingertips get a little sweaty. It feels like super glue is on the finger tips. For MT3, I ordered Devtty (triumph) and for KAT I have Atlantis and Cyberspace coming.

I will likely pick up Space dust and possibly KAT Slurp. I’m a sucker for non-standard alphas since I use colemak and having standard lettering means nothing since my boards let me customize the entire keymap.


I really like the Dev/tty kit (shame there aren’t any Ortho kits left :cry:) I love the KAT Slurp one too! Wonder if we need a dedicated thread for it so we can use it for updates :sunglasses:

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That’s sounds intriguing, with the Planck being so small you’ll have plenty of room for it.

Absolutely! I’m actually less accurate on the Moonlander when it comes to the top row and extra inner columns. It’s easier for me to orient myself on a smaller board.

I’ve actually been considering going back to the Atreus as a daily driver. But I prefer QMK and Oryx quite a bit to what Keyboardio has offer. I could put QMK on the Atreus though. Though perhaps there’s a Planck in my future as well :grin:


You might check Amazon. At least in the states Drop sales kits there as well. They’re stock in the U.S.


Whooo hooo! @svilen and I have received emails saying ours have been dispatched - can’t wait now! :smiley: Wonder if you’ll get yours a little earlier as you live in London?

I’m planning on putting it somewhere out of the way since I only really need it for audio controls and screen brightness, which while I don’t need too often, I sometimes need to use while (or just before) answering the phone single-handidly :laughing:

That’s interesting to hear as I suspected as much.

Buy the Planck Law you know you want to :rofl:

I am actually considering getting Drop’s Planck too, as I not 100% convinced by the plastic cases on ZSA’s Planck tbh - plus there are only two colours, where the white may potentially clash with cream coloured keycaps and the black may be too dark. I think when buying a MK aesthetics are often important to users.

I looked but they are out of stock too (same for Amazon in the UK) :cry:

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I’ve just had my UPS customs bill, so as a rough guide for those in the UK the total cost of this keyboard is:

Planck EZ Cost (UK)

£183.99 Keyboard
£5.42 (non-sterling transaction fee from the credit card company)
£34.61 Customs and shipping


The exact amounts will vary on the exchange rate at the time and what exchange rate your credit card company actually uses.

Were your costs the same @svilen ?

Also since I had ordered (and then cancelled a Moonlander), here’s what I would have paid for that based on what’s on my credit card statement:

Moonlander Cost (UK)

£282.68 Keyboard
£8.33 (non-sterling transaction fee from the credit card company)
£47.50 Customs and shipping (estimated based on what UPS charged me for the Planck)



Yes, I just paid the £34.61 customs charge. Hopefully will get it delivered next week!


I hope so too! Keep us updated if you hear anymore and I’ll do the same :nerd_face:

I keep looking at the Drop Planck too, as it has more configuration options on the space bar and the case looks more premium. I have a feeling I might like a configuration like his but with the space base on the right hand side:

I always use my right thumb for space and my natural resting position means my thumb hovers the bottom row in between the H+J… so I am guessing that will be my preferred position but I am staying completely open minded! (You can’t change the configuration on the ZSA’s Planck.)

If I do get a Planck from Drop I will just sell the one I don’t want to keep, and I think a head to head would prove useful for a lot of people - there aren’t really any comparisons for the ZSA Planck with the Drop Planck, at least not where people have had/lived with both.

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My delivery date is showing as Monday - I hope yours is the same (or earlier) @svilen :sunglasses:

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