Phoenix on Rails: Elixir and Phoenix for Ruby on Rails developers

Phoenix on Rails is a 62-lesson written tutorial that teaches Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView from scratch to developers who already have experience with Ruby on Rails. The course is designed to leverage your existing knowledge of Rails to accelerate your learning of Elixir and Phoenix.

Throughout the course, you’ll build two fully-featured Phoenix applications, introducing you to all the major concepts of Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView. Everything is explained from the perspective of a Rails developer - the aim is to take maximum advantage of what you already know, speeding up your learning compared to a generic tutorial that’s aimed at anybody.

Part 1 of the course, which teaches Elixir from scratch to developers who already know Ruby, is completely free - just sign up with your email address at

And if you’re interested in the full course, use the code DEVTALK10 to get a 10% discount - this coupon is only valid for the next week (expires September 10th) so don’t delay!

I hope you enjoy the course and let me know here or elsewhere if you have any questions or feedback.


This is awesome. A colleague of mine who has years of experience in Ruby on Rails is looking to learn Elixir and Phoenix. This should be a good start for him.

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wow awesome !

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