Open datasets that are in SQLite format or convertible to it?

Hey everyone,
I resumed work on my Elixir <=> SQLite library (which uses a Rust NIF underneath) and I am in a need of small and well-structured open datasets, preferably directly saved as an SQLite DB – but they could very well be everything else, as long as they can be easily and quickly converted to SQLite.

I downloaded the much-known Chinook DB but it’s a bit too big for my tastes. I plan to bundle a small DB with my library so end-to-end integration tests can be ran on it and that means that the DB must be extremely minimal (no more than 100KB).

Any ideas are appreciated.

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Related portal:

Here’s a page that links to one that’s not bad (49KB):

Link to the DB itself:

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Figured I’ll settle on this one, I liked it:

There are links to two files at the bottom that (a) create the tables and (b) populate them. (And the resulting sqlite3 db file is 40KB)

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Glad you found a solution Dimi :nerd_face:

Welcome back too! :blush:

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Link? Would love to track the dev.

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Lately did some Rust code reorganization. Next up is finding a minimal locking implementation since sqlite3 is quite liberal with locks (but even it can break if several very particular operations are done in parallel – even if they are allowed by sqlite3).

Still, for an MVP I want something that’s with zero locking lag.

To be fair, the Elixir part seems quite easy – albeit laborous. I am prioritizing making the Rust code to be the best possible first.

3 Likes Has some great sample SQLite datasets listed in their getting started.

I’m looking forward to trying out xqlite!