Onivim 2 Code Editor

I’ve been meaning to add it for a while, I’m pleased that it may be of use to you and Onivim :blush:

I can’t wait to see more threads about Onivim tbh, I have a really good feeling about it - it ‘feels’ nice/slick, and so soon in its development too! I am sure it’s going to be even more awesome when it hits 1.0!

Ah cool!

I wonder if you could build in an off switch as well? This might be handy for those who want to force themselves to learn Vim?

How do you do that in Onivim Bryan?

I also wonder whether you could include additional controls essentially being able to prevent or authorise network access. So for instance whenever anything in Onivim wants to connect to the internet Onivim displays a notice asking for authorisation first (basically like Little Snitch but just for Onivim).

I think people are taking security more and more seriously now and I think this could be a killer feature for Onivim. One of the things I love about editors like TextMate and MacVim is that I can block all internet access for them via little snitch and they work perfectly. It would be great if Onivim does something similar to Little Snitch out of the box.

It’s good to know the pre-order lifetime license and discount is still there :smiley: Personally I think most developers will be interested in being able to purchase a lifetime license rather than paying a monthly fee for access. The market is huge and growing each year so I wouldn’t worry about revenue - there will always be new developers and so always new people interested in buying a license (these are just my personal thoughts and of course you have to do what you feel is right for you and your product :blush:)


Would you like us to create a separate suggestions thread for Onivim, and another for issues/bugs? For things like tips and how to’s I would post these in dedicated threads as they will be more likely to be discoverable by anyone who might be searching for something similar in future.

One suggestion that comes to mind right now is that on resizing Onivim stretches whatever is in the window and then on release fits the new size, however when you are resizing a code editor window you are usually doing so to better fit what you’re editing at the time. I wonder if you could add this to your list (if it’s not already on it)?

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Hi @bryphe. Just purchased it :smiley: . Good to know that there is still a lifetime purchase. I prefer that to monthly payment :grin:
Again thank you and your team for this amazing work :wink:. I will, eventually, try to contribute if I can.


Erlang is not listed for supported languages. How has that experience been without an Erlang plugin/extension?


I just installed the VSCode plugin for Erlang :nerd_face:

Actually since I have a new macOS install I need to do that again so here are some screen grabs:

I am getting this notice which I’m fairly sure I didn’t get on Catalina tho, about it not being able to start the Erlang LS client - any ideas why @bryphe?

Not sure if this is a bug in the latest build or because I’m now on Big Sur. // @foxtrottwist and @neutronstein are you getting this too?


Hi @AstonJ. I didn’t get that error when I opened an Elixir project. I am currently working on a Go project instead so I didn’t have that error.
You can try to replace elixir-lsp plugin with VS Code one and check if it is the same issue.


@AstonJ I am seeing that when I view an Erlang file. I’m also on Big Sur and I’m running today’s build of Onivim.


Hi @foxtrottwist @AstonJ!

Looking at a couple of these issues - that super-bright-notifications is definitely a bug (theme color issue :grimacing:) - that’s fixed in the latest nightly.

And then the Erlang extension - first issue is that we’re missing the output logs - I checked them in the terminal and saw this:

Method: $append args: [null,"escript: Failed to open file: /home/bryphe/.config/oni2/extensions/erlang-ls.erlang-ls-0.0.15/erlang_ls/_build/debug/bin/erlang_ls\n"]

Inspecting further - it turns out the extensions erlang_ls/_build folder is empty - it seems to be that the open-vsx extension doesn’t have the built erlang language server included in the package.

I logged an issue on open-vsx: https://github.com/open-vsx/publish-extensions/issues/228

As a workaround… the extension can be manually installed / built - here’s the steps I used (assuming node/npm/erl/rebar3 are installed):

  • cd ~/.config/oni2/extensions
  • rm -rf erlang-ls*
  • git clone https://github.com/erlang-ls/vscode erlang-ls
  • cd erlang-ls
  • npm install
  • npm run compile

Bit of a pain for sure… but with that, the language server is working:

We hit this a few times with the open-vsx packages missing dependencies, unfortunately (ie - haskell: https://github.com/open-vsx/publish-extensions/pull/122 , vetur: https://github.com/open-vsx/publish-extensions/pull/146)

They’ve done an awesome job seeding the repository with a bunch of packages, but it’s hard to capture all the build steps / environments native tools need - best case is that more extensions will publish directly to open-vsx :crossed_fingers: Would be great if the owner of elixir-ls/vscode published to open-vsx along with the vscode marketplace!


Also - looks like there’s already a fix being worked on for the erlang-ls plugin: https://github.com/open-vsx/publish-extensions/pull/217


Awesome - I wondered why it had changed! Glad it’s back to what it was, thanks!

Thanks for that too Bryan!..

Awesome! I’ll try and hang on for that fix then :smiley:

I believe @axelson is already pushing ElixirLS to open-vsx :nerd_face:


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Who hoo just noticed this has been fixed - no need to do the below (just uninstall and reinstall erlang-ls) :+1:

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Do they offer purchasing power parity discounts?

I asked them, but didn’t get a reply yet.

Also, will there ever come something like Onivim giveaway?


@pillaiindu as for your second question, we offer license keys to people who submit Pull Requests to a few of the main repos that support Onivim2. You can find out more here: https://onivim.github.io/docs/for-developers/free-license

That said, if you don’t feel like you have a ton of (or any) experience writing Reason/OCaml, don’t feel like you can’t still submit a PR. I (and I’m sure Bryan and Ryan) would be more than willing to help out if you run up against any problems!


Welcome to Devtalk @zbaylin :+1:

Check out our 2021 announcement! :wink:

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I will consider buying it if the editor really puts security at the front of everything, because the compromise of extensions used by developers in popular editors are starting to become common, and this extensions will harvest data from your computer and silently sent it to the internet, but if the editor doesn’t allow for it without a pop-up, then that will be a killing feature for me.

The one thing that concerns me in this editor is that it seems that will allow to install vscode extensions, and if that is the case then I am out of buying it.


I think this could be a huge killer feature for Onivim - an editor that controls, logs and requires permission before any kind of internet connection or activity. Something like Little Snitch but specifically for the editor :+1:


I would love to see low level program debugging support. Some of the features that I use frequently:

  • disassembly
  • view register values
  • memory window

These are very useful features that are missing from VSCode.


I won last month’s Onivim’s giveaway. I have a few questions about the licensing.

  1. Can I use it on multiple machines (my Linux machine and MacBook) at the same time?
  2. If the answer to the above question is not, can I transfer it to a machine I buy in the future and stop using it on my current machine, i.e. on one machine at a time?
  3. Or is the license valid for one user’s one machine and can’t be ported to the same user’s another machine?

I have one more question which is not about licensing, i.e. when will a build for Macs with Apple Silicon come?

Thank you!


Thank you @AstonJ for these forums where we learn new things from our very talented fellows everyday and thank you for these giveaways! :slight_smile:


Decided to take a look at onivim2 as it appears to be open source now.

First, can’t find a place to download a binary, for anything (or any way to pay for it either).

So cloning it (what on earth node?!?), compiling… and crash:

    signals_nat.c:184:13: error: variably modified 'sig_alt_stack' at file scope
      184 | static char sig_alt_stack[SIGSTKSZ];
          |             ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
    make[3]: *** [Makefile:367: signals_nat.n.o] Error 1

Ooooh, now that’s interesting, it’s core is made in OCaml, an old version of OCaml, that’s compiling with -D_GNU_SOURCE, but assuming POSIX interface (non-_GNU_SOURCE), which was fixed in OCaml a little while ago, the version of OCaml (that they’ve embedded the compiler in, that’s… really weird, I have ocaml up to date on my system, why not just use that one?!) is too old to build on modern systems, that’s… an interesting start… ^.^;

I don’t have time to try upgrading it myself right now, gotta go, maybe tomorrow… ^.^;


What happened to Onivim? I tried to download it from the portal a week ago and again today, but it can’t be downloaded.