Note-taking isn't rocket science

Note-taking isn’t rocket science.
I swear some people out there be building their note-taking system like NASA engineers building the next rocket to send us to the next habitable Earth.

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I haven’t gotten used to taking notes. And I believe I should have done better in life if I did. :frowning:

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I write notes always, such as when I read books or watch tutorial videos. It helps reinforce my learning.

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Call me a Geek, but taking notes manually is actually very satisfying in a way that you know where to find what. It’s really helpful when you want to look back on things.

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I love taking notes too, and I also love doodling (apparently doodling while speaking to someone on the phone can help you remember important parts of the conversation).

I really like the Apple Books app now, especially for their highlighting and how it automatically syncs across all devices :smiley: