My travels with Modern Java in Action

As one of my New Year resolutions is to read more tech I’ve decided on an attempt to document my travels in Mannings Modern Java in Action

I have just started and currently reading the introductory sections which are generic. The book will take me through whats new in Java 8, 9, 10 & 11 with some of the main topics being lambdas, streams, functional & reactive programming.

Java release timeline relevant to the book.

  • Java 5 2004
  • Java 8 2014
  • Java 9 2017
  • Java 10 2018 (March)
  • Java 11 2018 (September)

As you can see, Java was slow to evolve between Java 5 and 8, a whole 10 years slow. So I guess I got lazy.
Java 8 is the first version of Java with functional programming capabilities.
As of today Java is almost at version 16. Oracle have been on a 6 month release cycle since Java 9. This means the Java community will have to keep up with the pace. This may also inject life back into the old language.

I have high expectations for this book and it has been given positive reviews. There is a lot of material.
With 2 years working experience already in Java 8 I should have a solid foundation to follow what this book will cover. I am hoping to fill in gaps and maybe deep dive in some areas.

So, let’s see how it goes.


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Nice one Finner!

I am sure your journal is going to provide interesting for a lot of people and I look forward to seeing your updates :nerd_face:

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