My new article about Leaky Vessels on K3S (exploit, remediation and prevention)

I had written an article about the Leaky Vessels on K3S.

Please give comment or feedback, thanks!

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The article was so good, it was very informative, But I can’t add a comment on the blog.

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Hello enzo,

Thanks for the feedback.

The comment system (Coral Project Talk) requires a simple registration (login with social logins)

  1. Click the load comment button

  2. Click the register button for first time use
    For registered users click the sign in button

  3. Choose the external user login system
    It supports Google
    For GitHub/GitLab, select the other social logins
    The Coral product has a bug for this small window, you should be able to scroll down to see the other item for other social logins

  4. For other social logins, resize this window (this part is from Auth0)
    and you should see GitHub or GitLab social login

It is a bit complicated because I wanted authenticated user to comment (or delete their own comment because of GDPR). Also the Coral Talk comment system could integrate with external systems for spam checking or harmful messages.

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