LG 28-inch 16:18 DualUp Monitor

LG 28-inch 16:18 DualUp Monitor with Ergo Stand and USB Type-C™ (28MQ780-B) | LG USA.
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I wonder if stacking up monitors will aid productivity. Having a small table/area, this might be useful for me.

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Yeah I think it might prove popular, wonder what @dimitarvp and @Exadra37 think… they’ve both been looking at different types of monitors iirc…

Looks like the monitor needs some software to split the screens, and I bet they forgot Linux :thinking:

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I seen a few adverts for this and it seems somewhat interesting but I also have quite a lot of concerns with neck strain from having one monitor too high or two low… which seems to be a common problem with monitor stacking (or very large monitors in portrait orientation).

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I think I prefer this one, because:

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Oh that’s a shame! I would personally avoid a monitor that needed custom software to run…

Yeah it’s definitely on the large side!

I think the second half could probably be halved - that would be perfect for my LG5K, same width, just with an additional 50% on the bottom (perhaps with that bit even being a little bit curved).

I would use about 65% of it as a standard monitor, then use the lower 35% for things I am monitoring or even for watching podcasts or something.

I would personally hate having a thick bezel in the join :upside_down_face:

Sorry, this was an assumption from my part, not an affirmation. I should have wrote it differently.

I said it because I saw in the past other monitors that require you to install some software in order to be able to split large screen and make it behave like 2 monitors.

Maybe in this one it’s built-in, but I didn’t lookup on it.

I love that setup because allows me to configure the montiors as i want, without software, just rotating them :slight_smile:

Plus I love to use monitors on the vertical for coding.

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I wonder if a large OLED TV would be a neat idea… where you just use the central strip and blackout the rest… if it’s OLED the black areas will have the pixels switched off so shouldn’t consume energy.

Actually I tried my power meter on the TV a little which ago and the power consumption fluctuated, I might try another test with the above in mind one day. (I have a curious mind! :lol:)

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I’ve seen some who likes the Center-Portrait setup.

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Well, I need a 5-bedroom house for my setup first. :003:

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Why how much kit have you got :043:

27" display, gaming PC (pretty huge one too), 35" widescreen, mini server (book-sized), and about 4 laptops.

Pretty sure even a wall encompassed by a desk and 4 meters long might turn out to be not enough!

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