Keyboard thock (sound)

I’ve been hearing quite a lot of comments relating to the sound of a keyboard, with one of the most desirable of these called ‘thock’, here’s a video with one (I think) qualifies:

This one’s a little too muffled for my tastes:

This is quite nice:

I’m guessing the acoustics are affected just as much if not more by the casing and plate than just the switches.

Do you like the ‘thock’ sound? Or do you prefer something else?

Wonder how long it is before someone brings out an app that plays such a sound through your speakers with every key press :laughing:


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Ye Olde Phartes may recall terminals such as the Z19, that could be configured to make a “blip” noise for each keypress, much like the little click many phones can be configged to do. More details at


I don’t think I’m old enough to remember those Dave - thank goodness! :laughing:

(Still don’t believe you are 56!)

Oh, did I say I was 56? Sorry, you’re right, that’s not true at all.

I’m 57.


I’m pretty sure you said 56… I guess it must have been your birthday fairly recently then? Happy Belated Birthday :partying_face:

Yup, just a week ago. :slight_smile:


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When you’re on the go, you can’t carry an external keyboard with you, and you miss your keyboard’s sound, you can use Mechvibes. :smiley:


That looks really cool DG! Looks like you can upload your own custom sounds too! :+1:

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Yes, custom sounds can be uploaded, and some are available at the website.

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