Isn't Erlang(/Elixir) a better language for writing things like Dapr?


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It looks like Dapr is less a coding methodology of microservices like the erlang vm is, and more of just run snippets of things with glue between. I’d opt for Elixir over that for sure but it looks like it is JS centric so if you are already coding with JS then it’s easier to jump in. Looks like it can work either other languages but that is more via network pipes with them, which is a lot more hassle when you need speed like a NIF can do on the erlang VM or so. Dapr probably plugs into existing ecosystems better like the common cloud providers though.


One of the things that Dapr gives you is the ability to not be tied to a certain service while building your app. Items like the pub/sub provider, key/value store, etc. are all “pluggable” with configuration so you app doesn’t need what is being used under the covers. Development could theoretically use MQTT for pub/sub and etcd for key/value but in production, these could be different.

There are also several language bindings for Dapr as well so each app or service you build, can be built with best language for its purpose. I would like to see an Elixir binding for Dapr though! :sunglasses:

@OvermindDL1 I’m pretty sure that Go is the “language of choice” for Dapr as that is what was used for building the core components.