How to stop being “terminally online”

how to stop being “terminally online”.
determine why you’re “terminally online”

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Just don’t quit this site. :wink:

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Good point Dave! :081:

On a more serious note, I found that blocking YouTube in little snitch has been a great help - not only does it stop you from wasting time on it, but it helps you break that cycle of wanting a dopamine hit. While other apps like TikTok are easy to delete when you feel you’ve had enough, YouTube is much harder because it also contains a lot of useful stuff (well used to!*) hence is harder to kick because even when you’re wasting time on it it doesn’t feel like you are.

*It’s much less useful now since their new CEO instructed all content creators to aim for at least 11 minute long videos (so they can serve more ads). This has resulted in so much fluff just to meet that criteria, often with long videos now just containing a few seconds of what you actually wanted to watch them for!! :roll_eyes: