How to set up Neovim 0.5 + Modern plugins (LSP, Treesitter, Fuzzy finder, etc)

Hi, it’s Takuya. I use Neovim to develop my app called Inkdrop. Recently, I’ve got some updates for my Neovim setup since I’ve published last year. Neovim 0.5, which is nightly at the moment, comes with cool new improvements like Lua remote plugin host, built-in LSP client (yes!), and Treesitter syntax engine. I found there are already a bunch of great plugins that leverage those new nightly features. I tried them, and already love them! Besides, it works pretty well on my M1 MacBook Air, which is awesome. I’d like to introduce my latest setup with Neovim 0.5 and modern plugins. Here is a quick summary of my set up…

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Looks great, going to try it.


I am very excited that 0.5 is stable now. I am absolutely sick of Emacs+Spacemacs on macOS and I am looking to learn a terminal-centric editor like NeoVim. I am very likely to use LunarVim (which is kind of what Spacemacs for Emacs is, but for NeoVim) and start my learning from this setup.

I mean yeah, you can use Emacs from the terminal as well, I know, but its inherent defects are still in place – in this case using LSP servers synchronously which makes the editor lag a lot. I will find the time and energy and will learn NeoVim and I am pretty sure I will never be looking back.