How to Read Java (Manning)

Effectively reading and understanding existing code is a developer’s superpower. In this book, you’ll master techniques for code profiling, advanced debugging, and log evaluation to find and fix bugs and performance problems.

Laurențiu Spilcă

How To Read Java: Understanding, debugging, and optimizing JVM applications teaches you how to better understand Java application code. It’s filled with code investigation techniques for tricky issues like uncovering glitches in code logic or locating intermittent runtime problems. Armed with these tools and practices you’ll save time whenever you need to identify performance issues, understand dependencies, discover the root cause of crashes, or interpret unexpected results.

Whether you’re a senior software engineer or you’re just getting started, this invaluable guide will help you in the fundamental task of understanding how your applications work.

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It’s not a bad book, by the way. I could also recommend books by Herbert Schildt.


It’s good to see there’s still some love for Java these days xD