Have you made any iOS apps?

How did they do? Any tips?

I’m personally itching to do an iOS app and I’m sure many others will be equally interested in hearing your thoughts!

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You should get my book. :wink:

In the book I show how to build fun little projects that can be expanded to real apps. The first app let’s you draw on a map while walking around in the real world. The result looks like this:

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Does your book go through the basics of Swift too Dominic? If not, which learning resources would you recommend before people get your book?

The target audience are people who already build an iOS app or worked through a tutorial. If you are a quick learner, reading the free Swift introduction provided by Apple should be enough. I do explain what the code does but some parts might leave some questions unanswered as the book is only an express book. But the concepts aren’t complicated an you should be able to find answers in the internet or by asking me for advice. :wink:

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