Haskell is a Bad Programming Language (2020)

Such inflammatory, much wow. Unfortunately, Haskell itself agrees.

Some languages naturally lend themselves towards adoption. Some don’t. You’d expect after 30 years of Haskell, the community, tooling, and development environment would grow much more mature.

Spoiler alert. It did not.

Funnily enough everyone in the Haskell community blamed everyone else instead of doing a critical assessment of the language like what Perl did. I stifled a laugh when I see proponents of “Simple Haskell”, implying that somehow the language is “too hard for people to learn”.

If people can pick up F#, Scala and Clojure, all with their own brand of weirdness, both in syntax and environment while being functional programming languages, I don’t really see how this statement holds any water.

Haskell is not too hard to learn. It is just a bad programming language.

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