Gleam v0.16.0 and v0.16.0-rc4 released!

Gleam v0.16.0 and v0.16.0-rc4 has been released.

Link: Release v0.16.0 · gleam-lang/gleam · GitHub

Link: Release v0.16.0-rc4 · gleam-lang/gleam · GitHub

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This is a nice release!!

Gleam is a type safe and scalable language for the Erlang virtual machine, and as of today’s v0.16.0 release Gleam compiles to JavaScript as well!

Show me!

What’s the introduction of a new way to write front end web code without some cliché examples?

Here’s a collection of interactive widgets you’ve probably seen countless times before, along with their Gleam source code and the JavaScript it compiles into.

In the interest of brevity we skip error handling in these examples and use rather quick-and-dirty type definitions of the JavaScript functions they import. In real Gleam programs we would expect these JavaScript bindings to live within shared libraries, but these examples should be enough to give you a taste of what Gleam can do with JavaScript.

Details here:

Congrats @lpil :+1: