Get Programming with Scala (Manning)

Packed with examples and exercises, Get Programming with Scala is the perfect starting point for developers with some OO knowledge who want to learn Scala and pick up a few FP skills along the way.

Daniela Sfregola

Get Programming with Scala is a fast-paced introduction to the Scala language, covering both Scala 2 and Scala 3. You’ll learn through lessons, quizzes, and hands-on projects that bring your new skills to life.

Clear explanations make Scala’s features and abstractions easy to understand. As you go, you’ll learn to write familiar object-oriented code in Scala and also discover the possibilities of functional programming.

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I don’t really follow Scala news but… is Scala 3 out already?

The book looks good (most “Get Programming with…” titles are!) and I’ll certainly give it a read once I convince myself to get into Scala.


Yep. I use scala as a java repl surprisingly often and it updated not too long ago to scala 3. ^.^

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What do you think about Scala?

I encountered Scala snippets when reading the book Functional and Reactive Domain modeling and felt like it had a rather powerful type system (I translated things to Elixir though so language was of little importance).


For working on the JVM I love scala and it is my preferred way. I’ve made a number of things in it, though when possible I don’t work on the JVM. ^.^;


I hold the same sentiment about JVM. Though my preferred language in that world is Clojure (it’s been a while though). Never worked with Scala or Kotlin, both of which people seem to love.