Flutter vs React Native- Which is the Best Choice for 2020?


To help you make the best decision, we have covered the answer to the most often asked questions including “What is Flutter?”, “ How it is different from React Native?”, “Who will rule the future market?”, and “ Which cross-platform app development framework is best to choose in 2020?”

Google’s Flutter: Learn Once, Write Anywhere

Flutter is a popular framework developed and supported by Google that provides advanced software development kits to the developer. The idea behind Flutter is to help developers build beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop by using a single codebase. Despite being a newbie in the community, it has acquired 94.9 stars on Github and has contributed to developing the most renowned applications including the Google Ads app, the Hamilton Broadway Musical app, Alibaba, eBay, Square, and more.

React Native : Facebook Supported, Community-Driven Framework

React Native is a well known cross-platform framework chosen by 42% developers for app development and had the 2nd highest number of contributors in 2018. However, today it’s supported by various leading individuals and companies from all across the world including Microsoft, Expo, Callstak, and Software Mansion. If we’re talking about its popularity, it has given the world some of the most amazing applications including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Uber Eats, Walmarts, Tesla, and more.

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I was actually going to post a thread about Swift vs Flutter, but this is interesting too Paulo!

I wonder if there are more conclusive lists with the ‘best of’ apps made with the various platforms/languages?

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Not a best of but you can see the same Todo app implemented in a lot of different languages:

Or you can see how how a Medium clone is build in the frontend and backend in a plethora of languages

And the RealWorld as an Elixir example here.

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Ah that’s cool - I wasn’t aware of the Realworld project :+1:

In terms of mobile, I was thinking more along the lines of the list in your first post - apps showing off each language/tool (eg apps made with Flutter, or Swift, or RubyMotion, etc). I think a list like that would be really interesting :nerd_face:

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While not a huge list with differents apps made in each of the mobile stacks, but the RealWorld repo as a section for mobile:

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