Essential 555 IC: lacks unified parts list

Title: Essential 555 IC

lacks unified parts list

While each project has a parts list there’s no simple way to know what you need to get to make one order and still be able to do all the projects.

,555 Timer IC,58K8943,27423,
5,Yellow LED,97K4048,334108,
5,Green LED,97K4041,693901,
5,Red LED,52K5254,
,“NPN Transistor, 2N3904”,83C3116,178597,
,220 Ω Resistor,38K0351,690700,
,330 ohm Resistor,28X2253,
2,470 Ω Resistors,58K5055,690785,
2,1 kOhm Resistors,38K0327,690865,
,1.5 kΩ Resistor,58K5015,690902,
,2.7 kΩ Resistor,59K8360,
2,4.7 kΩ Resistor,38K0304,691024,
3,10 kΩ Resistor,38K0328,691104,
2,15 kΩ Resistor,58K5016,691147,
,20 kOhm Resistor,58K5026,
,150 kΩ Resistor,58K5017,691382,
,50 kΩ Potentiometer,63M9482,853791,
,100 kΩ Potentiometer,62J1426,853599,CF14JT100KCT-ND
2,0.01 μF (100 nF) Ceramic Capacitor,46P6665,15229,
,1 μF Ceramic Capacitor,97M4165,
,4.7 μF Electrolytic Capacitor,65R3259 ,2230109,
2,10 μF Electrolytic Capacitor,63K2677,
,22 μF Electrolytic Capacitor,69K7919,1946295,
,100 μF Electrolytic Capacitor,96K9198,2230539,
,9 V Battery Holder/Strap,31C0662 or 59K0356,101470,
,9 V Battery,81F157,27423,
,Momentary Contact Tactile Switch,60M5365,153252,
2,Slider Switch SPDT,10X9279,2192384,
2,“Counter ICs, CD4017”,60K5099,
15," Schottky Diode, 1N4004",12T2303,
2, 2N2222 Transistor,87K2254,
2,“Diode, 1N4148”,95W3791,36038,
4,Momentary Contact Tactile Switch,60M5365,153252,
,8 Ω Speaker,25R0902,2234134,
,Half-size Breadboard,99W1759,2157693,
2,Full-sized Breadboard,99W1760,

[EDIT: remove boilerplate]