Elixir in Action, Third Edition (Manning)

Fully updated to Elixir 1.14, this authoritative bestseller reveals how Elixir tackles problems of scalability, fault tolerance, and high availability.

Saša Jurić

Elixir in Action, Third Edition teaches you to build production-quality distributed applications and highly available server-side systems using Elixir. This new edition is fully updated with the latest versions and features of the language. You’ll start with the foundations of the Erlang platform that underpins Elixir, then quickly progress to functional and concurrent programming.

Discover how the OTP framework can radically reduce tedious low-level coding tasks, and explore practical approaches to concurrency as you learn to distribute a production system over multiple machines. Throughout, code samples and real-world examples make sure you’re learning hands-on.

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Saw Saša’s tweet earlier. I see four chapters are there. Going to start reading from today, am curious to see what’s new here. The book that got me started with Elixir <3


That is a definitely a great time to update the book.
I see there are less books of Elixir keeping up-to-date.
I really feel thankful if there is a book can keep up with the latest change of Elixir.

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I am thinking of getting this one, I am interested in learning Elixir this year. :slight_smile:

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This could be a nice book club, what do you think @AstonJ ? :innocent:


Sounds like a great idea @faust - if you’ve got the book go ahead and start one in our #community:journals-book-clubs section :003:

Got some good news Fausto! I just heard from Manning and they’ve given us a few copies for our book club!

If anyone would like to take part and would like a copy please PM me :023:


I want to join the book club too. :smile:

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Wooooooow, this is amazing, @AstonJ .
I just saw that luckly I’ve won Manning’s giveaway on Erlang Forum last month, so I’ll get the book there, this way someone else can take this copy and take part on the club too.


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