Effective Haskell:Chapter 6 - Typos

The page numbers in the following notes correspond to version B3 of the book.

page 177 (lower half): “…behave differently based on the type of their inputs.” → use “types” (plural)
page 182 (top half): “…something of a nusance…” → “nuisance” (misspelling)
page 182 (same page; lower half): “…and ones have a default implementation.” →
“…and which ones have default implementations.”
page 188 - awkward to have a section title immediately followed by a subsection title, with no intervening text. Consider adding some introductory sentences there.
page 188 (about mid-way): “Types created withnewtype…” → “…with newtype…” (missing space)
page 190 (second paragraph/sentence): “…you’ve been making us of already…” → “…making use of…”
page 191 - consider hyphenating “higher kinded” → “higher-kinded”
page 192 (about mid-way): “For types…things like a little bit different.” → did you mean “things are a little bit different”?
page 194 (second paragraph): “Next, we’ll toCSV…” → missing “define” (Next, we’ll define toCSV)
page 197 (about mid-way): “Bounded for types with a …” → drop the “a” because it is followed by plurals
page 200 (last paragraph): “In base Maybe…” → did you mean “The base Maybe…”
page 203 (lower half): replace all misspelled occurrences of “representionally” → “representationally”