Does anyone need the domain name

Hi everyone!

I bought this domain name when I was planning to create a website like, but that didn’t ever happen.

Now I want to giveaway this domain name to anyone who will use it for something meaningful.

Thank you!


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Worth posting this on the Erlang Forums DG - think it got posted in the DT thread there, do you want us to split it into a dedicated thread? Or go ahead and post a separate thread and we can delete the cross-post :023:

Also might be worth approaching Elixir School and Erlef? :smiley:


Would you please split that into a dedicated thread and also let someone from Elixir School and Erlef know?! Someone who’s active in the forums. I don’t know recently who’s more active in either DevTalk or ErlangForums. I sent Sean Callan a tweet on Twitter.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Alert: This offer will end soon. :slight_smile:


The domain name is getting expired on 26th of this month, and I’m not planning to renew it.
If anyone needs it, now is the time to transfer it.

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