Do you use a Linux terminal music player?

If so, which one?

Recently I had to install Moc player on an old PC because I was searching for something with low resource consumption.


I ended up writing my own, musicd, because I couldn’t find anything out there that was exactly what I was looking for.

musicd is a daemon, that runs in the background and plays a list of songs from a file (including picking up new songs as that file is edited.) You use your standard command line tools to queue the songs up: I have a handful of scripts which I use to select songs to add with fzf, and/or I use vim (with filename completion) to edit the playlist file.

(Also, musicd has various mechanisms for selecting a randomized list of songs to play, for when I don’t feel like queuing songs up myself.)

musicd was designed to meet my own idiosyncratic needs, but who knows—perhaps someone else will find it useful as well.


From what what I can see it seems really full-featured. I will definitely give it a try!
Thanks for sharing. ^^


You can also checkout CMUS. Supports Vi based controls and interface.



I use terminal-based programs, and other programs with non-mouse controls like emacs/vim (i.e. Spacemacs) for a lot of my workflow, but music is one of those things that I have not felt the need of to put in a terminal so far.

What are the reasons that you prefer a terminal music player over a graphical one?


The machine on which I installed it, has really very low hardware capacities like a very low graphics memory, RAM memory etc. For example when I open several applications at the same time it can become really slow.

Maybe minizing the window of a graphical music player would result in the same as playing music via a terminal ? But if I have to skip a track I would have to focus on the window again… then maybe a very minimal graphical player would be fine also…


I use since I like Pandora so I don’t have to fiddle with playlists. Also it might be bit cheaper than spotify. I also created a nerves touchscreen interface for pianobar:


I’ve been using cmus as well lately. If you’re stuck compiling it yourself, make sure to build in ffmpeg and faad2 support so you can play lots of different audio formats (some of them proprietary like Apple AAC).


Some time ago I used MPD with MPC + Cantata + M.A.L.P. clients, but console clients are available too. More clients here →
Currently, I do not have installed any player at all, because I do not listen to music on my laptop anymore :slight_smile: