Design tools - what do you use/recommend?

What design tools do you use or recommend?

Figma is amazing as a web-based graphics editor. Easy to use, real-time collaboration (OK, soft real-time), generous free tier, great for visual brainstorming as well as actually creating elements for production.


Looks a bit like a simpler version of Sketch for teams?

We can split into a dedicated thread if you think its worth it @malloryerik :nerd_face:

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Maybe a design and design tools conversation in general would be useful?

As for Figma, they have an interesting blog post about the creators of Notion. It’s from their own blog so, sure, propaganda, but still interesting.


Done :nerd_face:

I edited the first post slightly - hope that’s ok (feel free to adjust as necessary) :smiley:

It’s always interesting to hear success stories - so thanks for sharing!

With regards to how it compares to Sketch… they have a page up about it here:

I do love Sketch but will check out Figma when I get five 5 mins :smiley: