Design and Build Great Web APIs: typo "" (page, 19, third bullet in URL list)

Title: Design and Build Great Web APIs - typo “” (page 19, third bullet in URL list)



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yipes! thanks for catching this one. --mamund


I am unable to reach this server.

Yes, it looks like all the example APIs hosted on Heroku are down. All requests get the Heroku error html as a response.

Heroku changed their hosting policy at the end of the year and i had to move the examples to another host: railway.

now, all the hosted example URLs lool like this:

for example, this URL works as expected:

NOTE: these examples are currently READ-ONLY (GET works, but PUT/POST/DELETE do not work).

I need to update the packages to support a different data storage solution and that will be sorted in March.

sorry for the challenges. Heroku didn’t make this very easy for hosted pages and the holidays slowed me down.

I’ll continue to monitor the forums to help folks recover.

I’ll also create a package for pragprog that includes the node-based source code you can host locally to handle the examples locally.


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Thank you for getting them up and running and for the reply!


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Please also help with:

As a general rule, the book students should use instead of

yes. replace “” with “” and all should work just fine.

however, the activity service is running here:
this will be fixed soon.

NOTE: there may be some issues in getting POST/PUT/DELETE to work, but GET will work just fine right now. I am updating all the services one at a time.

let me know if you have any problems.