Bridgetown (a Jekyll successor) - anyone used it?

I’ve been diving into Bridgetown (a Jekyll successor) and learning about writing a more maintainable CSS.


Have split this into a dedicated thread Reinis - I’ve used Jekyll before so interested in hearing what you and others think of Bridgetown :smiley:

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I must say I quite enjoy learning and working with Bridgetown. My focus as a web developer currently is on Static Site Generators (still learning Rails). Have worked with Jekyll, Hugo, Eleventy before.

The first benefit is that it is built with Ruby. JavaScript still has not ‘clicked’ with me, so I struggled a bit with Eleventy

Secondly, it is an updated and streamlined version of Jekyll, with many QoL improvement. For example, all content types are treated the same, be it posts, pages or custom collections. Something Jekyll is still considering in their V5 roadmap.

Honestly, I think Bridgetown is closer to NextJS, as it can do Server Side Rendering as well with Roda. Though have not tried that yet.

Lastly, it is actively maintained and developed project. The core team is very active and helpful on their Discord. I even made my first open-source project contribution to Bridgetown. :slight_smile:

If you are considering building a site with a Static Site Generator, I would urge you to see what Bridgetown can do.

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Awesome, thanks Reinis! I will definitely check it out next time I need a SSG :003:

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