Best chairs for developers?

I suffer from back pain, and I have been to buy a new chair for sometime now, but now that my current chair is giving up the the cylinder pressure I need to finally buy my first top quality chair, and in my search I found this interesting chair:

The video for it:

But the nice thing about it is they consider it to be one of the best for back pain:

Aeron Miller score only 6th place for back pain, and I had considered to had it to my shortlist :frowning:

We can see a comparison between the Ergohuman and Aeron Miller in this video:

And this medical review seems to confirm its indeed good for ergonomics and back pressure distribution, but the credibility of the video info isn’t possible to confirm:

Unboxing and assembling it:

But some of the comments say that is giving them back problems :frowning:

Anyone here has one, had one, or know someone that has one? Can you share some bads and goods about it?

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Have you tried a kneeling stool Paulo? I’d try one and see how you get on :smiley:

I though about it because of all your excitement with them, but I was never able to convince myself that they will be a good fit, but you are free to try to convince me :wink:

And this video seems to not convince me to buy one for sitting for long hours:

And this seems to be the mother of all kneeling chairs :wink:

This ones seem better, because they allow for adjustments:


You’ll find you sit like this almost automatically in a kneeling stool:

I would alternate with standing, walking or cycling :+1:

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Their 7 biggest problems and solutions for them:

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That seems like someone is writing an article for the sake of it :laughing: almost none of those are an issue imo. If you want it to be mobile, you’ll get one with castors, if you want one that allows rocking you might prefer a rocking variant.

I would say start with the one similar to mine, they are much cheaper than those fancy chairs and I would argue a million times better for you :smiley:

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Whats your current one?

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First one in this post:


Found another two good candidates:

Or this one:

Video for it:

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A kneeling chair with back rest and Chiropractor approved :thinking:

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I think you might fall forwards if you tried to kneel on that :confused:

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Found one more candidate chair:

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That looks insane :rofl: and while some of these chairs look very comfortable, I don’t think they’re ideal from a health standpoint because of the sitting position (vs kneeling or standing).

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The chair is meant to solve the issue of seating for long hours.

In my opinion kneeling and standing shouldn’t be the only positions you stay during the day. Maybe alternating between the three positions would be the ideal :wink:

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I can honestly say I don’t miss ‘sitting’ at all - perhaps because I can adjust to various kneeling positions such as by placing your feet on the ground raising your knees (so more like sitting).

I agree that alternating is best - being stationary in any one position is not ideal at all.

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Yep, I did.

I was actually tempted to say it doesn’t do anything… but then you know what happened? I stopped and thought for a minute and I was like “WAIT A MINUTE! I no longer feel back pains!”

Yep, the chair works very well. Expensive but absolutely worth it.


That’s good to hear Dimi! :smiley:

Don’t forget to post pics of your new desk/office set-up… I’m dying to see! :blush:

I definitely struggle with poor posture, and for the last year have been using one of these :
I really like it and wish my office had them (for when we can actually return to those!)

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Has it helped Tom?

Looking at the pics, the woman seems to be ‘forcing’ the position she’s sitting in (it looks awkward) and this makes me feel it doesn’t encourage a good posture naturally (something which I think kneeing stools do).

Btw your name sounds familiar and I’m wondering whether I know you from somewhere or whether you are ‘famous’ :laughing:

It’s still possible to sit on with poor posture, but if you straddle one of the three points and drop the angle of your thighs, it has the action of tilting your pelvis forward which I find promotes a more upright posture.
The image of the woman using the stool isn’t at all how I use it. I ordered mine (Pony saddle) with a taller (205mm) piston, and a foot ring which I rest my feet on.

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