BEAM all the things! ClojErl, an implementation of Clojure on the Erlang Virtual Machine

Our blog has had a long standing interest in novel uses of the BEAM, or Erlang virtual machine, as shown by the many articles we have published on that topic: we talked to Eric Merritt about languages that run on BEAM from a high-level overview, and went deep on Gleam (an ML-like language for the Erlang VM with a compiler written in Rust), MLFE (which is short for ML-Flavored Erlang), Efene (an alternative syntax for Erlang), using Elixir for videogame backends, and Lasp (“a suite of libraries aimed at providing a comprehensive programming system for planetary scale Elixir and Erlang applications”).

We also published a guide to learn Clojure and an interview that might persuade you to get into it if you haven’t already.

So our readers will understand it was inevitable for us to be interested in Juan Facorro’s project, ClojErl. And of course, we interviewed him about it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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