Apple battery row: Millions of iPhone users could get payouts in legal action

The tech giant is accused of secretly slowing down the performance of older models.

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I wonder how much we’ll get :lol:

After the lawyers take their cut… probably about 7 pence.

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I don’t think you’re wrong there Toby!!

I was owed a few grand by a company who declared themselves bankrupt and years later I got a cheque in the post for just over a hundred pounds - the liquidators got over £100k! :lol:

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Oh I’ll be surprised if I get 7 pence out the end of this. Apple aren’t going to declare bankruptcy over this but the middle men who stick it to them will absolutely **** everyone they supposedly represent, that is the business model here

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It wouldn’t surprise me either Toby, I think the legal system in general needs a shake-up. It’s criminal that solicitors can charge you £15 for every letter or email received, even when that is you writing to them to query their mistakes or ask why things are taking so long! :lol:

Apple will just make their next iPhones more expensive. :joy:

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