AMD or Intel for Programming with Linux as the OS?

I am thinking in building or buy a desktop computer for programing, both professionally and on my free time, and my choice of OS is Linux with heavy usage of Docker.

At work I am a Developer Advocate for Security, and I need to be able to code in any backend programming language or in Android.

For Android I use Android Studio and their emulators, and here is where resides my main doubt. Are AMD processors compatible with Android or do they have some quirks?

I am also a big fan of Elixir in my free time, but I think here I will not have any surprise when using an AMD processor ;), or am i wrong?

Does anyone know of any other limitations of AMD processors for software development?

What are the advantages of AMD over Intel and vice versa?


You definitely get more bang (and cores!) for your buck with AMD and I would imagine that since their popularity has exploded these past few years there are less compatibility issues now too - but that’s just a guess.

With regards to Elixir, there was a good thread about AMDs here: :smiley:

Something good about non-Apple desktops is that you can always sell specific parts later - so if you tried it but didn’t like it, you’d only need to sell the motherboard and CPU (I think - it’s been a while since I built my own PC).


If you can afford it, definitely invest in the Threadripper 3960x, 3970x or even the 3990x. These things tear through compilation workflows so good there’s not even a contest in that area unless you want to pay $30,000+ for certain Xeon Platinum dual-processor setups.

If that’s way outside your budget (the 3990x famously costs $3990) then a Ryzen 3900x is very adequate as well. Still, have in mind that investing in the current Threadripper generation can definitely last you some 10 years – with the PCIe 4.0 slots on your motherboard you honestly won’t need an upgrade unless you plan on playing 16k VR games. :smiley:


Oh yeah it is :slight_smile:

Even the 3960x is outside my budget at £1277, and the 3900x may be in my range, depending if I can buy the remaining parts without exceeding the £1000.

I don’t play games at all, but even with a 10 years life span it’s still out of what I am willing to pay for a computer setup.


Sure, that’s fair. I use a different criteria: mostly future proofing. I studied the limits of PCIe 4.0 and honestly? There are NO such SSDs or RAM or GPUs! And there likely won’t be for at least 5 years – very likely 10 or more even.

To me the TR / PCIe 4.0 platform is finally hitting the reasonable limits of what most of us would ever need in a machine. 99% of us don’t have workflows that could require 12 GB/s SSD I/O performance, or 120 GB/s RAM bandwidth. :slight_smile:

So, if you figure you can (or want) to invest a bit more money for the next 10+ years, now is a very good time to do so. The TR 3960x / 3970x / 3990x is likely going to last many people for a lifetime, I’d say.


In the past both AMD and Intel could use the same motherboard, but not anymore, or maybe not with this new motherborad.


I believe that will be the case, but no way I will spend £5000 to have a computer with PCIe 4.0 and the best of the bread in processors. Not that I would not like, but not at that price tags. I could loose my mind for this specs at around £2000, but not more :wink:


…Aaaaand there’s now a rumour about a TR 3995X that has 8-channel memory support:,2.html

Exciting times!


Again, pretty fair. Take a look at the Ryzen 7 or even Ryzen 5 CPUs. Many people on HN said they serve them very well for daily C++ compilation or JS builds. They are more in your budget ballpark and they are quite good.

I’d just like the next Linux workstation that I buy to last me at least 10 years and I wouldn’t care if it costs $10,000 or more but I understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


If I build now I may go with Ryzen 7 3700x or I wait for the new generation to be released and maybe the 3900x drops to my prices.

But I will go with the new generation of motherboards, 32GB RAM and 2 m2 SSDs(one for Ubuntu another for Windows). The graphics will be anything that supports 4 monitors, because I don’t play games.

I am really disappointed that the Ryzen Pro versions are not available for the build market, because they are more adequate and have memory encryption:


A current lists of all AMD Ryzen series with the specs:

From where I am working on this list: